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Our guests from Cyprus and Israel after an adrenalin rush playing on Padel Club courts.

Highest level of padel rackets; Bullpadel technology more_vert

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Highest level of padel rackets; Bullpadel technology close

Xtend Carbon
Xtend Carbon fiber is characterized by using tapes instead of carbon threads. These tapes are biaxially interwoven. Thanks to this you get more resistance, more rigidity and more important, less weight. This new compound is 20-30% lighter than the common carbon fiber.

Vibradrive is a mounting system in which a highly elastic rubber piece is sandwiched dividing the handle in half. This piece absorbs most of the vibrations in the game, especially on off-center hits.

Nerve system is based on the creation of channels on the frame side, with the aim of increasing the rigidity while reducing the weight. We get more control in volleys and in general in powerful strokes.

Let’s go! First four Padel tennis fields are open! more_vert

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Let’s go! First four Padel tennis fields are open! close

Padel Club Riga is officially open for anyone who wants to play! Now in summer season we call it as soft opening as there are still a lot of jobs to. But we are ready to supply you with a best service also now when it’s too hot or in rainy days or when you are in sporty mood. Welcome! Make it more attractive to get to know padel sport- we offer 1st try for free. Here we warmly recommend to use professional trainer to understand technique and rules of the game. Equipment such as rackets and balls we give for free as well. Book your time here!


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The best padel in the world stopped off in Barcelona to stage a great show. The centre court was set up on an impressive stage: the Real Club de Polo de Barcelona (Barcelona Royal Polo Club) and its devoted audience ensured a total sell-out. Here at Bullpadel we’d like to congratulate all the BullpadelTeam players, particularly Paquito Navarro, Maxi Sánchez, Cata Tenorio and Victoria Iglesias.

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Make a reservation here!

Padel history

Once in 1965 the billionaire Don Enrique Corcuera from Acapulco, Mexico built a special tennis court matching the available size in his backyard. The backyard was too small, so Padel was born. The first court in Europe was built in Marbella 1968. From Spain the Padel sport found his way 1976 to the famous „Ocean Club" in Mar del Plata in Argentina, where members built a Padel court. Today more than six Million players enjoying Padel on over 40.000 courts in Argentina. In Spain the Padel boom started in the mid 90's. In Madrid you can play on over 14.000 padel courts today. Till 2017 Spain established more than 60.000 padel courts.

Today Spain and Argentina are the leading nations, but many other countries follow. Italy, Portugal, France or England have already a strong league. Last years the Padel boom reached North Europe, Sweden built approx 100 courts in 2017 and plans to build another 100 in 2018. Our neighbors are active as well, Lithuania established 30 courts last years. Estonians have nice indoor courts in Tallinn. Latvia follows now. Padel Club Riga is ready to host the first Baltic battle!!!

Padel rules

Padel is almost always played in pairs, 2 against 2, totally 4 players in game.

Score: The score in padel is the same as in tennis, i.e. 15, 30, 40 and game, with deuce at 40-40. You win the game only with two point difference. If the set score is 6-6, a tie-break is played, which would go up to seven games scored with two games of difference.
Service: The first service is played from the right-hand side and will then switch between left and right. The ball shall bounce once after the central service line. Then you serve from below your waist level. The service should bounce directly in the opponent’s receiving box located diagonally. After that, the ball may bounce on the wall, but may not touch the metallic fencing (fault service). The receiver can decide whether to play the ball back before or after the ball touches the wall. As soon as the ball has bounced correctly on the receiving box and is correctly returned back, both court halves of 10x10 may be used. If the ball hits the net on the first or second service and lands afterwards in the receiving box, the service shall be repeated.
Game: During the rallies the ball may touch the field only once. The player may choose whether to let the ball bounce or to volley. If the ball touched the wall or the metallic fencing first before it bounced into the field, it is a fault. After the ball has bounced, it may touch the wall or the metallic fencing once or several times before it is played back again. The receiver may hit the ball directly back to the opponent’s area or play it back using the side or back walls. If the ball hits the metallic fencing before it reaches the net, it is a fault. If the ball is sent above the wall (4 meters high) or the metallic fencing (3 meters high), it is a point. The game follows these rules, until the ball bounces twice on the court or a player somehow fails to follow the rules.

Our couches

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